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We welcome all not indifferent to the world of cinema people.

Submit your films and expand the circle of acquaintances.


- The Film Festival “KINAHVALYA” will take place April 22, 2017 at movie theater “LUCH” (Rogachov town, Oktyabrskaya St., 31). The organizing committee will select 12 movies among all submitted works which will be judged by the audience and jury in a final part of a competition.

- Within the Festival a separate competition among pupils of educational institutions of the city and area will be held. Works of winners will be shown at an awards ceremony, and will also be noted by a special prize of BRSM



1. The Film Festival “KINAHVALYA” is held: Republic of Belarus, Gomel region, Rogachov town, Oktyabrskaya St., 31.;

2. Amateur performance groups and persons without age and geographical arrangement limits are invited to the participation;

3. Being submitted works can be executed in any genre of game (production) or documentary cinema. Timing of works – up to 20 minutes;

4. Tender is carried out in steps:

1 step: opening of the competition– on January 30, 2017;

2 step: reception of works – from January 30, 2017 to April 10, 2017;

3 step: a selection tour – from April 10, 2017 to April 15, 2017;

4 step: final display of works and rewarding of winners at movie theater “LUCH” – on April 22, 2017 from 12-00 till 16-00.

5. Conditions of reception of creative works:

1 Timing of works have to make up to 20 min.;

2 Works are accepted through the APPLICATION FOR PARTICIPATION form with the given references to the movie (“youtube” or “vimeo”) from January 30, 2017 to April 10, 2017.


1. Assessment of creative works is carried out in two directions:

- Jury assessment;

- Choice of the audience.

3. Summing up the competition is carried out on April 22, 2017;

4. Rewarding of winners is held at a ceremony of closing of the competition.


1. Счёт – Бельгия, мелодрама, режиссер Jordi Schellens;

2. Не американец – Афганистан, драма, режиссер Sadam Wahidi;

3. Эстафета – Республика Беларусь, х/д, комедия, режиссер Пархоменко Михаил Алексеевич

4. Самира – Германия, мелодрама, режиссер Qutaiba Barhamji;

5. Про Любовь – Россия, комедия, режиссер. Вилена Лангер;

6. Гордость Профессии – Германия, комедия, режиссер Matthias Koßmehl

7. Шум – США,  анимационный фильм, режиссер. Tom Teiier.

8. Пять способов умереть – Кипр, комедия, режиссер Diana Papadaki;

9. Чарли и Поппи – США, мелодрама, режиссер Jennifer Potts;

10. Лебедь - Республика Беларусь, драма, режиссер Наталья Барабошкина

11. Горилла – Франция, мелодрама, режиссер Tibo Pinsard;

12. Всё в ящик – Россия, драма, комедия режиссер Игорь Каграманов.




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Republic of Belarus, Gomel region, Rogachov town, Oktyabrskaya St., 31.


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